The nature of the disease and the most effective treatment for prostatitis

Man suffering from prostatitis

To determine the most effective treatment for prostatitis, you must first understand what it is to forgive. This word is now used quite often due to the high prevalence of the disease.

Causes of pathology

As with many modern diseases, prostatitis is complex in nature. It is associated with an increased infectious background, with weak immunity, which in turn is caused by poor nutrition, bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. The lack of necessary physical activity, overwork, stress, together with other factors in the context of poor ecology, simply cause complex diseases and a decrease in immunity, closing in a vicious circle. Thus, the occurrence of prostatitis may well be influenced by the presence of other diseases that weaken the immune system, including genitourinary diseases. At the same time, the weakening of the immune system itself can lead directly to the disease in question.

Disturbances of such a complex nature as hormonal disturbances also cause diseases and are also associated with stress, poor ecology and the like, which are inseparable from modern industrial society.

Thus, these and other causes show the complexity of the origin and treatment of the disease that occurs in many men. The statistics of the most common urological pathology are amazing: every 3 out of 5 men aged 20-50 years suffer from prostatitis! Of course, people over 40 are more likely to get sick, however, very young men are at great risk, as the disease is promoted, for example, by circulatory disorders in the pelvic area due to a sedentary lifestyle or hypothermia and injury.

The modern frivolous attitude towards the health of a person in a harsh climate, the tendency to "free" relations with the opposite sex lead to the appearance of an unpleasant disease in both young and mature representatives of the stronger sex.

Stress is one of the causes of prostatitis in men

Types of diseases

There are several types of prostatitis, in all cases associated with inflammatory diseases of a specific male organ - the prostate. This organ is muscular in nature and at the same time is connected to the endocrine glands, releasing a special substance to maintain sperm activity at the right level and protect them from a number of negative factors. The relationship between prostatitis and reproductive function is clear.

Various diseases, united by a common name, are usually divided into:

  • non-infectious;
  • infectious prostatitis.

Speaking of the second group, a big role is played by sexually transmitted infections and foci of chronic non-sexual infections, including tonsillitis, sinusitis, kidney pathology, etc.

In addition to the above classification, experts use the division of the disease into acute, chronic and asymptomatic prostatitis, which is otherwise called asymptomatic.

Prostatitis is accompanied by pain in the groin

Treatment of the disease

Thus, due to the variety of possible inflammatory disorders of the prostate, including those related to the causes of the disease, the treatment of the disease can also be very different.

In addition to the important points related to the correction of the lifestyle necessary to overcome a complex modern disease, massage procedures, physiotherapy and immune stimulation measures are often used here.Of course, antibiotic treatment is important. In this case, folk remedies are also successfully used. A comprehensive approach, including a situation where drugs are used to treat prostatitis, is the key to the most successful fight against the disease.

Many people know that prostatitis medications include prostatitis capsules and tablets. At the same time, there are also such drugs for prostatitis as injections and rectal suppositories. The offers are very different! Moreover, this is dictated by the increased demand. What are the most effective drugs?

Antibiotics and other drugs

It is well known that in our age of scientific progress in the fight against various diseases, we often focus on drugs rather than traditional medicine or lifestyle changes. As we said, in the complex situation of the disease in question, the approach must necessarily be comprehensive. In any case, it should be done under the supervision of a doctor.

Medications prescribed for men with prostatitis

However, if we are still talking about drugs, then how to find a really effective treatment for prostatitis? Indeed, when such a complex medical problem arises, almost every man begins to look for the most effective drugs.

In the case of acute form, as a rule, broad-spectrum antibiotics are used - such as tetracyclines, penicillins, macrolides and others, among which a narrow-spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic of the penicillin group stands out as the most effective drug of this series. Such drugs are most often prescribed by a doctor with the following characteristic symptoms:

  • chills;
  • groin pain;
  • increase in body temperature;
  • painful urination etc.

Sometimes such phenomena lead to hospitalization and even surgery.

It should be noted that chronic prostatitis develops more often after acute, if the latter is not adequately treated. Chronic pathology, in turn, is related to the phenomena of pulling pains in the genitals, perineum or rectum. Possible manifestations in the form of irritability, poor sleep, etc.

Poor sleep can be a sign of chronic prostatitis

The fight against chronic prostatitis is longer and depends on the treatment at the previous stage and on the level of sensitivity of pathogens to already used and unused drugs. Here, individual regimens are most often used, including all of the above methods, including those that are not related to drugs. If we talk about pharmacology, then in addition to antibiotics, analgesics are actively used at this stage along with drugs that increase immunity.

Very often, chronic prostatitis is treated with suppositories, among which the most popular are those containing prostate extract, also available as an injection. They have the following effects on the body:

  • effectively eliminates swelling.
  • increase immunity;
  • activation of blood microcirculation.
  • depressant effect on microbes.

Asymptomatic prostatitis in any case requires the intervention of a doctor, including the aspect of drug selection.

The choice of drugs for prostatitis must be made by a doctor

In addition to those mentioned as popular drugs used in various cases, we should name a homeopathic tablet preparation with purified affinity antibodies to the specific prostate antigen, which is distinguished by its multidirectional and complex mechanism, and capsules with creeping palm fruit extract. The latter proved to be particularly effective in the complex treatment of prostatitis while restoring the function of the genitourinary system.


The topic of prevention in the case of prostatitis is extremely topical. This is due to the severity of the disease and the severity of its consequences, among which are:

  • infertility;
  • prostate cancer;
  • inability;
  • diseases of other urinary organs, etc.
Do not neglect the advice of a doctor in matters of prostatitis

In addition, treating prostatitis is expensive.

If we talk about the known prophylactic factors related to prostatitis, then we should name, for example, herbal therapy with pumpkin seed globulin. At the same time, disease prevention is not limited to pharmacological methods. Very popular in this regard is massage, specially designed gymnastics for various organs of the male urogenital system.

It is extremely important both to ensure that acute prostatitis does not enter a chronic form, and to avoid it at all, to follow a healthy lifestyle.

You should not be supercool for no reason, blindly following fashion trends, neglecting the advice of doctors.

The health of each person is truly a gift of nature, which is then needed to productively manage life in all its complexity and inconsistency. A frivolous attitude towards oneself sometimes leads to serious consequences that are extremely difficult to eliminate.