Device for the treatment of prostatitis: how to choose? Features for home use

device for the treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is a disease that requires a comprehensive approach. Otherwise, prostate inflammation can become chronic. In addition to medical and surgical results, a special device can be used to treat prostatitis. Such a device is presented by many manufacturers and is used both in a hospital and for home use.

Types of devices for the treatment of prostatitis

The use of special equipment allows reducing treatment time, is non-addictive and safe to use. There are also contraindications:

  • tuberculosis of the prostate;
  • malignant tumors;
  • the presence of an acute inflammatory process.

The price of a device for the treatment of prostatitis depends on the variety and the main mechanism of influence. All options are divided into 2 large groups:

  • Rectal;
  • noninvasive.

Corrective selection affects the gland with various magnetic fields, heat or vibration. This improves the outflow of secretions, reduces swelling in the affected area and increases blood circulation to the muscles. It is worth choosing such equipment for those who have prostatitis in the initial stage.

Men note that with regular use of corrective devices, there is an improvement in erectile function, a reduction in pain and swelling.

If you decide to buy a non-invasive device for the treatment of prostatitis, then the impact on the desired zones occurs due to laser, infrared or LED study. Such devices help to remove swelling from the tissues, spasm of the walls of blood vessels.

If such a device is used regularly, there is an increase in the effect achieved by the use of drug therapy. This allows not only to get rid of the symptoms, but also to improve the general condition.

Overview of popular devices for the treatment of prostatitis

An electromagnetic device for the treatment of prostatitis is used exclusively in a hospital setting, as it has many contraindications.

The device acts on parts of the body with a high frequency electromagnetic field. Such radiation leads to an increase in temperature in the blood, lymph and muscle tissues. The:

  • improves microcirculation.
  • enhances vascular permeability.
  • eliminates congestion.
  • increases the barrier function of connective tissues.

The cost of such a medical device is quite high.

A device for the treatment of prostatitis, which is an electrical stimulator. It is used to restore cooperative operation.

It is used independently and is suitable for home treatment. It has a special nozzle that is inserted into the rectum.

Combined device for the treatment of prostatitis, affects the prostate gland with:

  • massage;
  • magnetic field.

It has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Prostate swelling with regular use subsides. To achieve the desired result, the course is 10 sessions.

The peculiarity of the device lies in the fact that it improves sexual health, has a positive effect on the blood composition and circulation of the pelvic organs. Low frequency vibration enhances muscle tone and increased temperature restores tissue elasticity. It can be used for purulent lesions.

How to choose the right device

The device for treatment should be selected together with the attending physician. For example, electrical stimulators are not suitable for treating people with blood disorders or fever. Laser exposure is also contraindicated in endocrine pathologies and cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, when choosing, not only the specifics of the course of prostatitis, but also accompanying diseases are taken into account.

Before you buy, please note:

  1. Medical devices for the treatment of prostatitis must undergo clinical trials;
  2. the equipment must be officially registered, i. e. in the register of organizations.
  3. the mechanism of action must be described by the manufacturer.
  4. each device must be accompanied by an annotation describing all the features of using a particular device.

There are devices that only affect the prostate gland and those that have a good effect on other systems. The latter include vibration exciters. They increase the overall tone of the central nervous system. Electrical stimulators affect the entire male body. If you choose ultrasound equipment, then it works like a massage at the cellular level.

Neither device should be used without consulting a urologist. There is equipment that is only used in a hospital environment. Treatment with the help of such devices can be carried out both inpatients and those who prefer to treat prostatitis while on sick leave. Mechanisms for home use have a more affordable price.

Rectal methods work through the rectum, so the procedure may not appeal to all men. But their effect is almost always positive. Non-invasive methods do not cause discomfort, but with their help, the effect also appears in other organs, for example, in the bladder.